Where is Manchester Craft & Design Centre?

Manchester Craft & Design Centre, or MCDC as it is sometimes known, sits at the heart of the regeneration of the City’s Northern Quarter but still retains something of a hidden gem status. You can find it off Oak Street but I often find myself describing its location to friends in relation to the bars that surround it or the shops that come before it. “Is it behind Afflecks?” Yes, it’s near Common… or behind the Bay Horse, I say.

The funny thing about MCDC is the beautiful market building it inhabits is difficult to miss but true to the Northern Quarter’s charm, it’s tucked away, and until you’re stood right beside it you wouldn’t know it was there. That is of course, if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

I really want to hear from you about your history with MCDC. Together with the team at MCDC we will be gathering these stories for the Collecting History exhibition which will then inspire specially commissioned new work for exhibition later this year.

Maybe you want to share your first visit here or why you think it’s important to have a ‘Craft Centre’ in Manchester; maybe you have a photograph of an object bought here to share, or want to tell us of how you commissioned a tenant for an important piece of work?

Submissions to the blog will become part of our Collecting History exhibition and you can find out how here, or from the 28th April you can call in to the exhibition yourself and leave us a message. I look forward to hearing from you!


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