In the Eighties

submitted by Charlotte Sargeant to the blog

I started visiting the Craft Centre as it was then known in about 1987 when i was 14 years old, as I had met someone called Rob Fulton who worked for Eva Barker who owned the Silverlode, a small silversmiths. From then on I learned to make silver jewellrey and began to work there in 1990 which i carried on doing until 1997.
There used to be some great Christmas parties there and it was always laid back and a good place to work. They used to hold meetings down stairs when Liam was at Majolica Works and they even coined the phrase ‘The Northern Quarter’ which we really laughed at and still amazes me now that buildings and streets around there are trendy as there was never much there before.
The Silverlode is not in the Craft and Design Centre anymore but it does seem like a very vibrant place now and I have many happy memories of working there.

submitted to the blog by Folly Bloom

I have great memories of the MCDC. Need to confirm the date but Gavin & I met over a lovely bowl of home-made carrot and coriander soup and a cheeky bag of hoola hoops and we have never looked back! I was sharing a studio and started out on my handmade work.

Several happy years later, about 14!, we are the proud owners of 4 arty, musical children owed all to our love for MCDC!!

Hope this helps.
Ps Had many a good evening @Night & Day too in them ‘old’ days!!


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