Warp & Weft

A little snap shot here of the local area before Smithfield Fish Market itself, brought to life on Tib Street by Liz Scrine, a previous tenant of MCDC in 1997..

Interesting to know the origins of both Oak and Tib Street are both fairly literal, but also to hear of the industrial production and skilled makers operating in the area over 200 years ago, plus the pet shop’s still there! You can also still spot Liz’s illuminated staircase in the exterior wall of MCDC.

submitted by Adrienne Tighe to the blog

My main connection to MCDC are regularly visiting Liz Scrine in her ceramic studio opposite the cafe. Liz was always a great inspiration to me as a ceramicist, trying in the early 90′s to get a business going in ceramics. I was able to start this by using the Enterprise Allowance set up by the Tories. The only offering by that government that did some good.
I then, over time, started to sell my work from Liz’s studio. Helen , next door , also aided my mini career too. MCCD was the only place in Manchester to offer such a chance. So thank you to all involved and good luck for the future, to the hidden gem of Manchester.


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