Old and New

Submitted by Rochelle to the blog,

Silverlode was in MCDC for 23 years. I was there for 11 of those years. The Craft Centre was run as a cooperative back then. Ewa Barker, Tara Kirkpatrick, Rochelle Dodson, Gary Arnfield and Rob Fulton were all tenants at MDCD and part of who made up Silverlode over the years. It was through Tara’s patience and Ewa’s dogged determination to take on every request (argh) that I learned the skills I have acquired today.

Marketing MCDC seems to have been a lively issue with tenants, staff and visitors over the last 30 years, from it’s initial guise as an artists co-operative to it’s current incarnation as a managed organisation, and to it’s names: Manchester Craft Village, Manchester Craft Centre, Manchester Craft & Design Centre, MCDC. The Centre is now one of the organisations under the Arts Council National Portfolio funding programme and with this comes new developments in the form of a new website with a selling platform for tenants and more opportunities to work with and support external and local creativity. An exciting future certainly, but here’s a little bit of history..

Courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council

Copyright Ed Chadwick 2007, www.edchadwickphotography.com


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