MCDC in Manchester

Submitted by Ann Toplis to the blog

My most memorable day while working at the MCDC was in 1996 when all of a sudden there were helicopters droning overhead ordering evacuation of the city centre. We had no idea if we should stay or leave. And then soon after, the bomb went off and the whole building shook to its core. We were so lucky that only a couple of windows cracked. It was quite a task to get home that day to the south side of the city. The city centre was a eery place for the next few months.

Submitted by Lisa to the blog

My first memory of the Craft and Design centre was when I used to visit with my dad in the early 90′s I must have been only 7 or 8 and living in Warrington, so a trip to Manchester was exciting! We would visit the Corn Exchange and Afflecks Palace, see the goth kids in what was then a very leafy, lush picadilly gardens and visit the Craft and Design Centre. I remember drinking hot spiced apple juice from the MCDC cafe and loving the feeling of the place. We visited Manchester regularly until I was old enough to visit alone. And now 20years later I live here and still love to visit the Craft and Design centre – though unfortunately the Corn Exchange’s new manifestation as The Triangle leaves a lot to be desired! It inspired me years ago to be creative and to follow my creative dreams – I’ve always made things and now am working on making it into a business, thanks to those early years of seeing creativity and alternative ways of living around me.


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