Ellen Gibbons – Updated

Ellen Gibbons at her market stall at the Smithfield retail fish market (MCDC building). Very kindly contributed by the Gibbons family, Sarah of Hey Little Cupcake!

submitted by Patricia Gibbons to the blog

My grandma, Ellen Gibbons, worked at the fish market from some time in the thirties till it closed. Her office remains in the craft village. It was a hard life, working as a woman in a man’s world (and a very llittle woman at that – 5′ in her clogs). She said she had to tell the chap opposite that he’d feel the toe of her son’s boot if he carried on with language he wouldn’t use in front of his own mother or wife, and kept trying to take her customers.

submitted by John Gibbons to the blog

Dear Lucy. I see you have been talking to my nice Patricia Gibbons, how about talking to someone that knows the market seeing as it was my Mother that had the stalls there and I worked there for over 20 years, and took over when my Mam retired, can I tell you some tales about the fish market, I have some old photos somewhere I will dig them out. John ,Gibbons. Mr (gibbo )

[Update 9.05.12] We were absolutely thrilled to meet some of the Gibbons family at the launch event last week and to receive a real snapshot of what it would have been like in Smithfield market trading in fish. I’m now looking forward to following up John on some of his stories too, more on that soon..


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