Birthday Gifts

Submitted by Jenny Beswick, via email
For my 50th Birthday in 2004, I wanted a silver bracelet from my husband as my gift. I wanted something I couldn’t get in any High Street jeweller and having been to MCDC a number of times with my daughter, I couldn’t think of anywhere better.
Ivor and I visited RA and found the perfect bracelet, also some ear rings to complement the bracelet. A few years later I was heartbroken to find that I had lost the bracelet. I searched the house from top to bottom and no luck, Ivor, however called at Tesco where we had been shopping earlier in the day to see if it had been handed in. Amazingly, it had, so next time I called in at MCDC, I took the bracelet with me and had a safety chain put on it in RA. It hasn’t happened since!
My very best wishes to everyone at MCDC, such a wonderful place to visit and shop.
Congratulations on the 30th Anniversary and continued success to all concerned.

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