Cats & Dogs

Courtesy of Eddie Cartwright

Of course a fish market had to have cats and I imagine they were the best fed cats in the whole of Manchester up until the relocation. I’m not sure how the Jimmy Kelly’s menu might have competed with left over fish and mice but it’s good to know someone looked out for the market’s retired pest controllers.

Anne’s dog’s in RA Jewellery Design

I spoke to long standing tenants Lee Page Hanson and Colette Hazelwood last week about  a time when dogs were a regular feature of the Craft Centre with many tenants bringing theirs in with them to work. Apparently they were quite a pull with the general public and customers would come in to visit the dogs. Hygiene and health and safety put a kibosh on this practice but there’s certainly a preoccupation with makers here to respond to animals, particularly birds. Butterflies too, but no fish spotted as yet.

More on that theme later, but here’s Eve Bennett’s Dead Bird commission which you can spot in the first stairwell at MCDC.


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