The In-between

Top left – back of the current MCDC building showing the now demolished half of the building and Smithfield Wholesale Market (now flats, note the CIS building behind)
Top right – E. Gibbons booth and empty fish crates
Middle – recently amputated fish market hall, the retail markets for fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, flowers. The housing on the right is yet to be built.
Bottom left and right – demolition and empty wholesale markets

I have only four more weeks before Collecting History finishes. I’ve discovered so much (there’s a backlog) and I’ve got a list of leads as long as my arm to follow up which I know I can’t physically cover in the time left. As with all collections we just have to accept that our accumulations can never be complete and it’s the in-between bits, the incidental and unknown that really spur on our fascination with the past and allow our imagination to fill in the gaps in ways which reflect ourselves and our romantic ideals.

The stories I’ve collected are mostly to do with Smithfield Market or MCDC and their surrounds, but inspired by the stories we cannot have I thought I would include this page from Eddie Cartwright’s research folder of the in-between bit – the empty Fish Market and soon to be Craft Village.

From MCDC’s heritage collection.


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