Children of Drowned Fishermen

Another gem from Eddie Cartwright’s research, kindly transcribed by Kaylee at MCDC:
On the 10th October 1891 the first ever “Lifeboat Saturday” was held in Manchester, passing through the Fish Market. The worst ever lifeboat disaster occured in 1886, when The Mexico struck a sandbank in rough sea. Three lifeboats reached the scene, and a total of 27 lifeboatmen lost their lives helping others at sea. A fund was set up shortly after to help the victims of this disaster, which raised a total of £50,000. Soon after this a Lancashire Businessman recognised that the RNLI should not only receive money for disasters, but instead deserved annual support. He became the creator of Manchester’s Lifeboat Saturday, which attracted 30,000 people.
The fund-raising parade featured orphans of the drowned fishermen and helped the city’s RNLI to raise their annual contribution from £200 to £5,500. Its founder, Sir Charles Macara, wanted funds to not be solely dependent on wealthy investors but funding should come from “the streets” too. Following this 1891 parade Lifeboat Saturdays became hugely popular, continuing to this day under the name of “Flag Day”.

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