The Resident Craft Cow, Mods and Rockers

Submitted by Amy Wilkinson, from studio 1 via email:
I miss our resident craft cow! He used to be in the garden at the front of the building. From the Manchester cow parade. I think he was left behind? I love this picture of him in the snow, it really brought out his colours! (I think he is a he?!)
Amy also sent in a photo of a mod invasion from 2009 which reminded me of another photo I’d picked up of some of the vintage cars at a Teddy Boy meet on the other side of MCDC in 2011. The Northern Quarter certainly attracts a diverse group of people with a common yearning for the values and aesthetics of the past, be it vintage or subculture fashion, craft beers and real ales. Investing in hand crafted objects fits into this landscape with customers, visitors, tenants and staff all investing in the valuable emotional and historic connection made between maker and product, item and owner.

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